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Useful information about motorcycles

The best enduro motorcycles

Pass the motorcycle license

To get a motorcycle license, you must be at least 16 years old for the A1 license.

Security measures

The motorcyclist must not jeopardize his safety. The law requires drivers to wear a helmet.

Riding a motorcycle

Every biker must know the basic rules before riding a motorcycle.

Different motorcycle models

When looking to buy a new motorcycle, it is important to be aware of the many categories available on the market. Utilities are two-wheelers available in small and medium displacements. These machines offer the best value for money. Medium displacement roadsters are easy to handle. They are very popular with beginners. The special feature of a roadster is the absence of a fairing. There are various models of motorcycles on the market. Real motorcycle enthusiasts should definitely take a look at the BMW Europe website. In addition to information about the latest models, there are also mechanical tips and many other interesting facts.

Economical motorcycles

Economical motorcycles



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Grand tourism

Grand tourism


Motorcycle equipment

When shopping online in motorcycle shops like, you can discover and choose among various motorcycle equipment. There is a wide range of leather jackets, summer or winter gloves, boots and sneakers, racing pants… These accessories are available for men, women and children. The search for the best equipment is done by specifying the type of accessories, brand, color, size, gender…. Ordering motorcycle equipment online is also done by refining its search by specifying the price range. The usefulness of these accessories is that they help protect the driver while facing weather conditions. By wearing the right equipment, the biker enjoys the pleasure of the road. By riding with peace of mind, one can improve his performance. There are several categories of accessories, they vary according to the needs of the driver.

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Motorcycle mechanics

Details de la mecanique d une moto

Details of the mechanics of a motorcycle

A motorcycle is made up of many components. These can be classified into two distinct parts: the engine and the cycle part. The engine transforms thermal energy into mechanical energy. The architecture of the scooter includes the timing, carburetion, primary and final drive and the clutch.

Conseils mecaniques pour les debutants

Mechanical tips for beginners

It is necessary to check the condition of the wheels of your motorcycle. The concern with low wheel pressure is that it destabilizes the rider’s ride. In addition, this anomaly can increase fuel consumption by about 25%. Poorly inflated, the tire can come off the rim, it can burst and make the machine uncontrollable.


Troubles hooting

In the event of a breakdown, it is important to know that the usual checks vary according to the type of engine. The troubleshooting process is different for 2 and 4 stroke engines. When a scooter does not start or loses power, the electrical system should be checked, the carburetor should be checked, and the engine condition should be observed.