Is it time to buy new tires?

Minimum Tread Depth: If the tires are less than 1.6 mm deep (1 mm on light motorcycles), you must take care of the new tires. Damage to the tire: A visual inspection of the tire should also be performed, as…

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How to repair motorcycle mirrors?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) website, a motorcycle mirror should be clean, in good condition and glued to the motorcycle. If there is a problem with the motorcycle’s mirrors, repairs should be made to ensure the…

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Online sale of new and used spare parts for 50cc

The first scooters appeared in France around the year 1900 with their name “auto fauteuil”. After that, they were constantly being innovated and improved in order to offer users, in other words motorcyclists, more attractive and easier to use models…

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Quality for your tires!

The tires of a car must be selected according to precise criteria in order to offer the best possible road comfort. A large number of models are available to meet all expectations. The various categories of tires The ETRMA (European…

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