Is it time to buy new tires?

  • Minimum Tread Depth: If the tires are less than 1.6 mm deep (1 mm on light motorcycles), you must take care of the new tires.
  • Damage to the tire: A visual inspection of the tire should also be performed, as cracks or other damage is a reason to replace the tire, as damage to the rubber surface can also affect the carcass. If this is defective, the tire loses its stiffness. In addition, cracks can also damage the inner gas-tight layer, increasing the risk of punctures.
  • Pebbles in the tread: If pebbles are in the tread, they should be removed. It is best to use an appropriate tool that does not damage the tire.
  • Air pressure: It is especially important to always drive with the correct air pressure. Because the wrong air pressure ensures faster tire wear and thus limits the tire's service life. In addition, incorrect air pressure increases energy consumption and maintenance costs. The correct air pressure also has a very positive effect on the operation. The type of motorcycle and the load play a role. To be on the safe side, you should take a closer look at the motorcycle manufacturer's specifications and adapt them to your personal use and load. At least every two weeks, the air pressure should be checked on the cold tire.
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