What you need to know about the motorcycle license

The motorcycle license and license classes

Motorcycling is becoming more and more popular in France, which is confirmed by the increase of registered motorcycles. However, each type of motorcycle has its own driving license. This is why there are several categories of motorcycle licenses.

Motorcycle license classes

The motorcycle license in France is structured to include a driving stage with intermediate tests. This means that new applicants for a motorcycle license should first gain experience by learning to ride low-powered machines before being able to move on to a more powerful and faster machine. At the age of 16, the rider starts with the A1 class of license to operate light motorcycles of 125 cubic centimeters. After two years, the transition to the A2 license class is possible from the age of 18, which allows the driving of motorcycles with a maximum power of 35 kW. However, to achieve this, the future motorcyclist must complete a practical intermediate test. The last step is to obtain the A class driving license, often called "A-open", because there are no limits in terms of engine capacity, power or maximum speed. In addition, to obtain the unrestricted class A license, it is necessary to pass a practical test in which the driver must demonstrate his or her driving skills. The AM license can be obtained for mopeds or scooters up to a maximum speed of 45 km / h, regardless of the age of 16 years.

A1 class for light motorcycles

The A1 driving license can be taken from 16 years old. It allows the driving of so-called light motorcycles. The category of light motorcycles includes machines with a capacity of more than 50 cubic centimeters, but not more than 125 cubic centimeters. The power rating must not exceed 11 kW, which corresponds to approximately 15 hp. The class A1 driver's license includes the class AM. If you obtained your driver's license before April 1, 1980, you are also allowed to drive light motorcycles with a maximum capacity of 125 cubic centimeters.
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