All the necessary equipment to ride safely

The equipment is compulsory for drivers because they have no bodywork. Accidents of people driving motorized vehicles with two-wheelers are frequent. It is important to compensate for the safety of the driver with clothing equipment.

Wearing a helmet and gloves

According to the Highway Code, it is mandatory that passengers of a motorized two-wheeled vehicle wear helmets. The purpose is to protect the driver and the passenger from possible head trauma, which is the main source of death and disability of motorcyclists. Only helmets with white labels approved by the ECE and helmets with green labels comply with the Geneva 22/05 regulation. People who do not wear a helmet can be sanctioned and have to pay a fine. For the driver, the wearing of certified gloves is mandatory. In motorcycle accidents, the hands are also the most exposed parts of the body against impact, trauma and abrasion or burns. Failure to comply with the rule (wearing CE-certified gloves) can be punished with a fine. It is also possible that the passenger of the driver of the motor vehicle will be fined. It is important to wear this equipment because it protects you from road accidents.

Wearing high visibility vests, license plates and vehicle lights

The wearing of the equipment is mandatory for both the driver and the passenger. They protect but also comply with the requirements imposed by the law. The high visibility vest or yellow vest is a regulatory equipment for a motorcyclist. In the event of an accident or breakdown, the vest informs other drivers that there is a potential danger in the vicinity, so they can slow down or offer assistance. The high visibility vest complies with the regulations and makes it easier to drive at night and during the day. This equipment provides greater visibility for passengers in motorized two-wheeled vehicles. License plates are also mandatory with a unique size of 21 cm × 13 cm. Plates that are illegible or removable or do not comply with the regulations may be penalized. Vehicle lighting must include a brake light, a low beam, a high beam and a rear and front position light. All lights must work. Failure to comply with these obligations can result in a ticket or worse, the vehicle being impounded. The law is very strict, the purpose is to protect passengers and drivers from possible road accidents.

Wearing jackets, vests, pants and shoes

The passenger’s safety is very important but the driver must also be comfortable. Jackets and vests can protect the driver from falls. It is more than advisable to choose suitable materials for clothing such as leather for example. Synthetic materials are strongly discouraged because they cause serious burns in case of an accident. City pants should be avoided, it is better to choose thick fabrics or solid seams. Shoes are very important because they protect the feet in a minor fall. High boots are very suitable. Shoes protect the shin pad and ankle area. Choose leather shoes as they are very strong materials. Since the beginning of 2018, the wearing of boots and airbags are very much encouraged by the inter-ministerial committee of road safety or CISR even during the license exams. This equipment can be improved because the two-wheeler driver is the most exposed person in case of an accident.

Buy items in specialized stores

For motorcyclists, it is important to know how to equip yourself by choosing the right equipment. To find it, go to specialized stores that have CE approved products. You can buy the equipment in the stores but you can also order it online. Moreover, buying online gives the driver the opportunity to choose the best equipment. Nowadays, there are online price comparisons. You can have your goods delivered to your home. If you don't have time to find the equipment, you can visit online stores. You can exchange letters with the managers for free advice. You can also get discounts and gifts for all online purchases. It is advisable to wear this equipment because they protect you from accidents. If you protect yourself, you can have minor injuries instead of dramatic consequences. The Highway Traffic Act requires drivers to wear protective equipment. In the absence or lack of this equipment, the police can punish the driver. Whatever your vehicle (for example: a motorcycle, a scooter, a motorcycle, a scolex, a scooter ...), the protection and safety of the driver are the main reasons for wearing the equipment.
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