Full-face motorcycle helmet: approval and safety

In France, whatever the type of motorcycle helmet, whether it is a full-face helmet, a jet helmet or a modular helmet, it must pass specific tests and meet the lowest European safety standards. There are many types of approval for a full-face motorcycle helmet

What types of certification exist in France?

Helmet certification involves a large number of tests related to each component of the helmet. The Repression des Fraud, French Customs and other independent organizations regularly take (or provide upon request) samples from helmet stocks to verify that they meet the quality required by the certification. Your full-face motorcycle helmet must comply with European standards. A white label is visibly sewn onto the chin strap to certify the ECE approved type. In order to benefit from the ECE 22-05 standard, the helmet has undergone numerous tests and controls: angle of vision, shock absorption, deformation on impact, resistance to abrasion, restraint system and screen quality. bmw.europe-moto.com gives you more information.

Standards and approvals

A full-face motorcycle helmet must be approved, in other words, it must meet certain standards. These standards are the minimum criteria established by mutual agreement between representatives of civil society and the various manufacturers and the government. The NF S 72 305 standard is now obsolete in France, and has been replaced by the European E22 standard, widely adopted by all European countries, and also widely adopted by many countries on other continents. The standard mark for motorcycle helmets is found on a label that is usually sewn onto the chinstrap. A circle is displayed on the label and the letter E is affixed to it, followed by the identification number and the approval number of the approved country/region. The number after the letter E indicates the country/region where certification is granted.

 Are there any risks involved in wearing a non-approved helmet?

If you are wearing an unapproved full-face motorcycle helmet, note that you may be exposed to a danger. On the one hand, it will of course bring you a safety risk, because the motorcycle helmet you are wearing has not been tested for its resistance in case of impact. In addition, you may be fined. Finally, if your insurance company discovers that you are wearing an unapproved helmet, you may also see the risk of a decrease in compensation if something goes wrong.
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