What is the average cost of a jet motorcycle helmet?

The helmet is a mandatory safety accessory for road users using a motorized two-wheeler. The protection it provides must meet many standards because of its essential role, but the price to pay for a helmet varies depending on several criteria such as the model. Among the most popular types of helmets, the jet motorcycle helmet is an ideal helmet model for urban motorized rides available in a wide range of prices.

Criteria to consider when buying a motorcycle helmet

An approved motorcycle helmet that respects the certifications imposed on the quality and safety of the wearer remains the obvious choice for most people. In the case of a jet motorcycle helmet, it will generally be used with a motorcycle or scooter for low-speed city travel, and the presence of the J certification, validates its characteristics. Furthermore, approved helmets are the only helmets that can be covered by insurance in case of theft or damage, especially if the helmet is of high quality. The jet motorcycle helmet also provides good ventilation and an excellent field of vision while offering the option of installing a module such as a visor. However, the visor only covers the skull cap and therefore does not protect against wind or projectiles coming from the front.

Motorcycle helmet on a price range

Similar to other types of helmets, the jet motorcycle helmet is available on the market through a range based on the quality and price ratio. Indeed, the price will depend on the range characterizing the helmet, for example, an entry-level helmet can start at an affordable amount for all motorcycle riders. Conversely, high-end helmets are accessible from a starting price generally equivalent to 10 times the price of an entry-level helmet, but come with significantly more interesting features.

Options to consider

Helmets made by well-known brands are mainly the recommended options for first-time buyers. However, the accessories available vary depending on the range of the helmet and easily represent an additional investment. Many manufacturers, on the other hand, sell helmets with essential accessories (protective cover, earplug, etc.) in order to keep their offers attractive and competitively priced. Apart from the accessories offered with the jet motorcycle helmet, the price will also depend on the comfort level as well as the aesthetic aspect of it.
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