Why use term insurance?

Insuring your vehicle is a moral duty and a necessity, because it protects you from all kinds of problems. A car certification will protect you from danger and will put many people in security. It doesn't matter if your car or motorcycle is new or not. Whatever its condition, whether you drive it all year round or not, you must insure it. It is therefore important that you choose a solution that will cover your vehicle in case of danger. In order to choose the best option for you, a few tips will help you.


Temporary insurance is a short-term certification. It is intended for drivers who do not wish to insure their cars for a long period of time. It usually covers a period of 1 to 90 days maximum. It is available to anyone with a minimum of driving experience and a license. There are several reasons to choose a temporary motorcycle insurance. On the other hand, don't expect to save your vehicle or motorcycle from all risks if you insure it only for a short period. For this reason, some insurers offer additional guarantees such as recourse, driver's guarantee or assistance.

When should I sign up for a provisional contract?

There are many reasons for drivers to take out a short-term contract.

The use of a previously non-running vehicle

If you are one of those people who take their vehicle out of the garage from time to time, then you need a temporary policy. In fact, some motorists take their vehicles out for special occasions. In these cases, it would be pointless to subscribe to a traditional contract. The best option is to choose a transitional certification contract.

Suspension or termination of a valid contract

There are some unforeseen situations that may cause you to fail to pay your contribution to the insurer on time. The insurer has the right to send you a formal notice when this happens, and to suspend your contract after one month. The right option for some drivers is to take out a provisional policy until they can afford to pay what they owe the insurer.

Travelling to a country or location that is not covered

It is recommended that you temporarily insure your vehicle when you travel. When the country you are going to is not covered by certification, you will definitely need one for the duration of your stay. Just contact your insurer to arrange it, or if you prefer, you can use another broker to arrange it. In addition, it is necessary to take out a provisional policy for a vehicle that is still in the registration process. This will insure your vehicle in case of displacement, while you receive the registration certificate of your car. The majority of insurers offer third party guarantees for short term contracts. Thanks to them, the driver benefits from a legal protection. They cover the civil liability of the latter in case of damage caused to a third party.

How do I sign up for a provisional contract and what are the rates?

The subscription to a provisional contract is not restrictive, it is easy to do and only requires the provision of a few documents. You must therefore provide your insurer with :
  • A valid copy of your vehicle registration document;
  • Valid copy of driver's license;
  • A copy of your most recent statement of information or;
  • A copy of a statement summarizing the driver's history.
Most insurers also require that the driver be at least 21 or 23 years old. The driver must also have a valid driver's license for at least two years. It should be noted that people over the age of 75 are not always covered. Some insurers just don't want to take the risk even if they have a good record. As for the cost of a warranty contract, it is defined on the basis of several criteria such as the driver's profile, the type of vehicle he drives, his status, etc. It may seem implausible, but a provisional contract is more expensive than a classic contract. Some insurers are sometimes reluctant to make short-term commitments to drivers they do not know.

Good to know

It is essential that you take out a temporary automobile contract as a driver. This is your civil liability. And it is always better if you have a guarantee in case of accidents, so that the repair of the damage will be fully covered by the insurer. Some insurers are adamant about not granting a provisional agreement. The greater the risk, the greater the premium. In the event that companies are unwilling to let you sign a provisional policy, you can appeal to the Central Underwriting Office (CIO). It is an organization that is in charge of compelling companies to insure you based on the mandatory civil liability coverage at the rate it sets. Buying a temporary policy is the best way to avoid excessive coverage costs, even though the monthly premium is usually higher than a traditional auto policy. To find all the resources on the temporary car company, use your broker. Other companies offer a wider range of services suitable for travel outside the country. These are guarantees in case of accidents or damages related to the driver and his passengers.
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