Motorcycle saddle: change it, but at what price?

To put an end to sharp corners, hard padding or irritating seams, it is necessary to change a motorcycle seat. A comfortable saddle benefits both the rider and the passenger, especially during long trips. Find out how much you can afford to spend on a good saddle.

Where to find a motorcycle seat?

Apart from saddlery craftsmen, some suppliers like BMW Europe Moto work with a large network of dealers. Saddlery specialists offer full saddles as well as comfortable saddles made from the original saddle with or without gel. Do not hesitate to visit a dealer to choose the embroidery, colors, height, width, model, decoration... of your saddle. A specialized company can manufacture your motorcycle saddle after receiving your online order. You are also free to go through their network which is composed of many dealers. Note that some manufacturers do not make custom saddles. They can provide you with customized saddles for more aesthetics but always based on the standard templates. Once you have contacted a store by email or phone, their team will send you samples of materials, available colors and photos of saddles they have already made. With your approval, they will send you your ordered saddle within ten days.

The cost for changing a motorcycle seat

The cost of the operation varies depending on the type of service you are looking for. Adding foam costs up to 100 €, while customizing an original motorcycle saddle costs between 150 and 200 €. In case you want a complete saddle, expect to pay between 300 and 600 € (with gel, with or without adjustment, silk-screen printing...). On the other hand, there are also other alternatives that are less expensive. You just have to wear a bike shorts or put a saddle pad that can be removable on your bike.

Who should I trust to replace a motorcycle seat? 

The saddle change could be done by a professional saddler or a motorcycle shop. You can contact a saddler directly to order a complete saddle that will replace the one you have. It is possible to put it back on when you sell your bike, especially if it is a customized saddle. If you want to rework your original saddle to customize it, call a saddlery craftsman or a motorcycle shop. If necessary, arrange for a replacement so that you can continue to use your motorcycle while your motorcycle seat is being replaced. A motorcycle shop can lend you one.
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