Driver’s license in Dijon: How to prepare for the psychometric test?

Every year, many motor vehicle accidents occur. To prevent them, vehicle drivers must be fit to drive. They will have to pass a road test and a driving test to get a driver's license. However, as a result of a traffic violation, your license points may be deducted. Depending on the seriousness of your offense, your license may be cancelled or suspended. In this case, you will have to take a psychometric test to get your license back.

What is the purpose of the psychometric test for the driver's license?

Following numerous fatal accidents caused by vehicles, psychometric tests have been introduced to reinforce road safety. Indeed, the psychotechnical examination allows to evaluate the psychomotor capacities of the drivers. That is, their ability to drive a vehicle. Thus, it is important to analyze the reactivity, concentration, ability to process information and the coordination of hands and feet of any person who wants to drive. At the end of the test, you will be certified as fit to drive a motor vehicle. The question is when you should take the test. Here are the different scenarios for when you should take this test. First, you must take the test if you have lost all the points on your license. In this case, you have 0 points and your license is invalid. Secondly, it is possible that the judge has pronounced the cancellation of your license following an infraction. In this case, take a test so that you can retake your license. All you have to do is wait until the end of the cancellation period to start the test. The suspension of the license is also a reason to take the psychometric test. This suspension is temporary and can be imposed by an administrative or judicial decision for medical reasons or following an infraction. Thus, you can only take a test if the suspension period exceeds 6 months. In other cases, the psycho-technical test is also compulsory if you are a territorial driver, ambulance driver, hospital public service driver or specialized in state public training and accident prevention.

How does the psychometric test for the driver's license work?

Your psychometric test for driver's license in Dijon must take place in an approved center. Indeed, the test is done with a certified psychologist. The test is divided into two parts, that includes the individual interview and the psychomotor tests. For the individual interview, the psychologist evaluates your personality. This step allows us to know the medical history of the driver in order to define his aptitude to drive. The psychomotor tests are done on a computer with specialized software. They allow to evaluate the stability of the hands, the reflexes, the motor coordination, the attention and the practical intelligence of the driver. They are used to determine if you are capable of respecting the Highway Code and driving in complete serenity.

How to pass the psychometric test for the driver's license?

In order to get the document that allows you to retake your driver's license, you must pass the psychometric test. But what are the keys to success? First and foremost, you need to combat stress. It is the main factor in failing the test. Therefore, you must remain calm and collected for both the individual interview and the psychomotor tests. When answering the questions, you have to demonstrate responsible behavior in the face of various dangerous situations. Also, remember to acknowledge the fault that led you to take the test.
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