How do I get an accelerated driver’s license?

In order to pass your driver's license, you must pass the code and driving tests. Thus, you must attend the theory classes and complete a minimum of 20 hours of driving. On average, it would take 6 months to get your license. Fortunately, it is currently possible to obtain an accelerated driver's license in record time...

What exactly is an accelerated driver's license?

Today, there is what is called an "accelerated license" or "intensive course". This is a training course for the Highway Code that includes an "accelerated training course" and a practice session that takes place in an intensive manner to better prepare the candidate for the exams. The candidate can therefore obtain his or her accelerated license in only one month. This is a service offered by many driving schools such as cer rouen. The candidate is required to spend several hours during the day (between 5 and 7 hours), several days a week. Then, the 20 hours of driving must be completed over a period of about two weeks. It is then possible to drive several times in one day. After 15 days of intensive learning, the candidate will be able to take the driving test. And within 15 days, he will take the practical test. It is important to note that the code and driving courses are done in groups. Thus, if a student has completed his driving hours, he must assist his classmates in the vehicle, which is also a good way to progress without taking the wheel.  Please note! The intensive course is not suitable for everyone. You should have a great capacity of learning to link the courses and the practices in a relatively short time.

How are the theoretical and practical tests conducted?

Just like the regular driver's license, the candidate must pass the theory and practical tests if he or she wishes to obtain an accelerated B license. In order to prepare students well, driving schools regularly organize accelerated sessions that last a few days. In 15 days, each candidate must be able to pass the code exams. Thus, he has a limited amount of time to assimilate the program. A great deal of availability is therefore necessary. Then, it is necessary to wait at least 15 days after passing the code exams to take the driving tests. The student must therefore have completed the 20 hours of driving to become a real driver before the big day. If the school's schedule does not fit the student's schedule, the student can request individual training. Initially, the sessions are carried out on a circuit reserved for trainees, then on the public highway. During the school vacations, some schools offer alternating code and driving courses throughout the day to save student’s time.

What are the benefits of an accelerated driver's license?

For those who need a driver's license as soon as possible, the intensive training course offers a good alternative. The student can focus entirely on his or her goal during a short period of time. The sessions are very close together, so there is no loss of time. And since the student will be spending long hours with the instructor, the latter can adapt the lessons according to the student's abilities so that he or she can progress quickly. In addition, this solution makes it possible to be relieved of all the administrative steps related to the preparation of the exams. The school will take care of all the formalities. However, this formula also has its drawbacks. Indeed, the rules for passing the exams are the same as with traditional training. However, the candidate has to learn in a very short time, which can be physically and mentally exhausting. They may even have difficulty assimilating the courses and driving lessons. The risk of failing the B or accelerated motorcycle license can be high in this case. Finally, the training is more expensive to compensate for the fast pace. As a result, some driving schools charge up to 5 times the normal cost.

Which driving school to choose?

Not all schools offer intensive training, so check out the school of your choice. The Accelerated Driving School of rouen, for example, offers accelerated courses adapted to everyone. Other criteria should also be checked to make the right choice. Price is a key element, so compare offers. Make sure the package is all-inclusive (registration fee, theory and practical preparation, and exam fees), otherwise you will have to budget for additional expenses. It is also advisable to choose a school that is close to your home or workplace so that you don't waste too much time traveling. Schedules should also be consistent with your program. Also, find out the success rate. You can obtain this information from the prefecture in your department. To do this, you will need the school's approval number. Seniority is also a guarantee of professionalism, because a structure with several years of experience in this field, such as cer rouen Normandie, is often well known. Finally, don't forget to visit the establishment to get a feel for the atmosphere and try to talk to a trainer to form your own opinion.
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