How to get around without a motorcycle license?

All motorcyclists will tell you, there is nothing better than motorcycling, its sensations of freedom and intense pleasure, but also the precious time saved when others are complaining in traffic. Nevertheless, this pleasure is more and more threatened. Between the motorists who make untimely changes of trajectory, the open doors without looking, the slippery white stripes, or the repressive arsenal of the state, we are regularly contacted by motorcyclists deprived of their mount for x reasons and who ask us how to continue to be in 2 wheels.  When walking down the street, the fallback solution is quickly found. It is equipped with two wheels, like the motorcycle, it saves precious time while others are in traffic, and the sliding sensations are also there. It is the electric scooter of course. More and more of you are taking the plunge. Whatever the reason that brings you there, it is undeniable that there are strong similarities between the motorcycle and the electric scooter. To be satisfied with your purchase, you should take into account several criteria. First of all, the waterproofness. It may sound crazy, but the vast majority of electric scooters are not waterproof. As bikers know, it is not uncommon to get drenched on the way.  Range is also key, in addition to power. Not only must the scooter allow you to climb the hills in front of you, but it must also allow you to reach your destination without having to push it because you ran out of battery. So, take a good look at the autonomy indicated by the manufacturer, always underestimate it compared to what is indicated, and check the power of the scooter, are the fundamental steps to look at when you choose an electric scooter. Apart from that, nothing could be easier than driving an electric scooter, especially for those who are used to the sensations of 2 wheels like motorcyclists. Many are those who take to the game and like to regularly trade their motorcycle for an electric scooter. And you? will you dare? Do not hesitate to share your experiences with us.
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