Insure your scooter at a reduced price

Like any motorized vehicle, a scooter must be covered by an insurance policy to circulate legally on French and European roads. Taking out an insurance policy often involves a large budget. However, it is possible to save on the cost of insurance, as long as you choose a plan that suits your profile and your needs in terms of coverage. Knowing the factors that influence the price of the premium can also help you find a low-cost contract. So how do you find cheap scooter insurance?

Choose an offer that matches your profile

The guarantees offered in a scooter insurance contract vary from one insured to another, as does the amount of the premium. The latter depends on the driver's profile. Some profiles (young drivers and terminated drivers) considered risky by the companies will have to pay a higher premium than other insureds. This is explained by the increased risk of claims due to the age, inexperience or behavior of the driver. If you are in this category, it is more interesting to contact a company specialized in coverage for terminated employees and high-risk profiles. The latter will be able to offer you a tailor-made contract adapted to the desired level of coverage at a lower rate. The motorcyclist's driving history also plays a major role in determining the amount of the premium through the bonus-malus coefficient. A motorcyclist with a malus will certainly have to pay a more expensive insurance premium, hence the interest in adopting good driving habits to avoid any penalty. A good driving style will help you to find a cheap scooter insurance. 

Which scooter to choose for a cheaper insurance?

The power of a scooter varies according to its characteristics (cubic capacity, category...) that is why the amount of the insurance premium will also depend on these characteristics. A 50 cc scooter insurance will therefore cost less than a 125 cc vehicle insurance. Similarly, competition models, which are considered to be more efficient than leisure vehicles, will require a higher premium because of their high value. Please note that the age of the vehicle to be insured is also a factor in calculating the cost of the insurance. If the two-wheeler to be covered is a new model, the premium will be more expensive because of the high value of the compensation in case of a claim. A second-hand model, on the other hand, will benefit from a lower premium because the compensation will be less expensive.

Choosing the right coverage for a low-cost contract

Most insurance companies offer a variety of plans to suit the specific needs of each customer. When choosing, you will need to consider the level of coverage you want and the rates applied to each plan to find a cheap scooter insurance deal. You should know that the legal minimum in terms of coverage is the third-party guarantee or civil liability. Offering a basic coverage, this formula only guarantees the bodily and material damages caused to third parties (pedestrians, passengers...) in case of accident. It is thus ideal to pay less. Only this guarantee is imposed by the legislation. For the other covers to be included in the insurance contract, you will be able to choose according to your real needs. To benefit from an optimal coverage, the comprehensive insurance is the one to subscribe to, but its cost will be higher. This formula includes additional guarantees that are added to the bill: legal protection, glass breakage or fire coverage... It is also possible to subscribe to different optional guarantees offered by the insurer according to your specific needs: theft insurance, driver insurance, insurance per kilometer (for vintage vehicles) ... If these additional options optimize the coverage of damages on the motorcyclist and the vehicle, they can however inflate the amount of the premium.

How to find a cheap insurance for your scooter?

In order to find the best deal on scooter insurance, start by comparing the different offers on the market. To do this, ask for several quotes from different companies in order to find out the formulas, guarantees and rates that they offer. Once you have the insurance quotes in hand, all you have to do is choose the offer that meets your needs and budget. To speed up your prospecting, don't hesitate to use an online insurance comparator. This free and practical tool does the research for you by consulting the offers corresponding to your profile on the web. It then offers you search results from which you can choose the provider to contact. If you are a high-risk driver, the search can also be complicated; insurance companies are often reluctant to cover this type of profile. In order to find a contract that corresponds to your financial means, turn to an insurance broker. He or she will be able to find a specialized company willing to insure you and then negotiate an advantageous insurance premium.
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